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At AGRANA Fruit Mexico we inspire our customers with innovative solutions for the dairy, ice cream, bakery and food service industries. We offer customized fruit, brown flavor and savory preparations as well as fruit specialities and preparations with inclusions.


find the sui­table pro­duct for your ca­te­gory

At AGRANA Fruit we offer you a broad range of customized solutions based on fruit or other agricultural raw materials for various markets segments. Find the suitable solution for your needs within the categories below.

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AGRANA Fruit is a global specialist in the customized product development of fruit and non-fruit preparations as well as fruit specialities for a broad range of applications.

Fruit preparations

AGRANA Fruit's product portfolio includes a broad range of fruit preparations:

  • With or without pieces
  • With fruits like: berries, stone & pip fruits, citrus fruits and tropical or exotic fruits
  • For the use in diverse applications in different markets

For details concerning fruit preparations for the different categories please visit:

Fruit preparations for dairy

Fruit preparations for ice cream



Brown Flavor

Our brown flavor offering includes:

  • Preparations, sauces, syrups
  • Flavors like chocolate, caramel, coffee, nuts, vanilla, etc.
  • For the use in diverse applications in different markets

For details concerning brown flavor preparations for the different categories please visit:

Brown flavor preparations for dairy

Brown flavor preparations for ice cream

Brown flavor preparations for bakery

Brown flavor preparations for food service

 preparations with

AGRANA Fruit's product range also offers preparations with inclusions:

  • Broad range of inclusions such as: chocolate chips, crunchy chocolate balls, cake pieces, dry infused fruits, jelly balls, nut pieces, restructured fruits, etc.
  • For use in diverse applications in different markets

For details concerning preparations with inclusions for the different categories please visit:

Preparations with inclusions for dairy

Preparations with inclusions for ice cream

Preparations with inclusions for food service


Preparations with cereals,
Grains & seeds

Our portfolio also includes preparations with cereals, grains & seeds for dairy applications.

For details concerning preparations with with cereals, grains & seeds for the dairy industry please visit:

Preparations with cereals, grains & seeds for dairy


We offer a range of savory preparations:

  • Vegetables, herbs, spices, meat and fish
  • For the use in diverse dairy applications

For details concerning savory preparations for the dairy industry please visit:

Savory preparations for dairy


AGRANA Fruit's product offering also includes products besides preparations:

  • Fresh fruit, frozen fruit, fruit purees & coulis, dried fruits
  • For use in diverse applications in different markets

For details concerning fruit specialities for the different market segments please visit:

Fruit specialities



Organic & Sustainable solutions

Organic product portfolio

We have been supporting our customers with their organic products for more than 20 years and we continuously expand our product range aligning it with consumer needs. Our products are made from high quality organic ingredients.

We offer a broad range of fruit and non-fruit solutions in organic-certified quality. Please get in touch with us for more details.


For us, sustainability begins in the field. Ensuring sustainable farming methods, fair working conditions and resource-efficient production across the value chain is a top priority for us. In order to ensure sustainability from field to final product, we are member of several associations and have relevant certification audits conducted at our sites across the globe.

For more information on sustainability throughout our value chain, please visit:



Pro­duct de­ve­lop­ment ex­per­tise

At AGRANA Fruit we partner with you to develop tailor-made solutions according to your needs. Our toolkit of know-how and expertise in the core areas of product development include:

raw material expertise
and Ingredient


Products for specific
consumer groups:
Kosher, Halal, Vegan

Solutions for
"health & wellness" positioning
(e.g. enrichment of vitamins)

Formulation development for
"natural" positioning
(all natural, clean label, organic,
GMO-free, fair trade)

Solutions for products with
"indulgence" positioning

Avai­lable Pac­ka­ging so­lu­tions

We can provide you our products in different packaging formats according to your needs.

The following range of packaging solutions is possible:

  • Stainless steel container (standard tote)
  • Bag-in-drum
  • Bag-in-box
  • Pail
  • Pillow bag
  • Doypack
  • Bottle
  • Single serve
  • Cup
  • Other

Please be aware that the availability of packaging options may depend on the specific product need and the local availability. Please check the availability with your AGRANA Fruit sales contact person.