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AGRANA achieves record results in 2010|11 - Dividend to increase to € 2.40 per share

Revenue of AGRANA, the global sugar, starch and fruit group, grew by 8.9% in the 2010|11 financial year to € 2,165.9 million (prior year: € 1,989.2 million).

AGRANA builds a wheat starch plant at its Pischelsdorf facility – investment volume € 56 m; Sustainable use of synergies with existing bioethanol plant

Over the next two years, AGRANA Bioethanol GmbH will be investing around € 56 m in building a starch factory for the production of wheat starch and gluten at the site of its bioethanol plant in Pischelsdorf|Lower Austria.

AGRANA Juice Holding GmbH and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH plan merger

The sugar, starch and fruit group AGRANA and Raiffeisen Ware Austria (RWA) are considering a merger of their fruit juice concentrate subsidiaries AGRANA Juice Holding GmbH and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH in the form of a joint venture.


AGRANA invests €27.6m in fast-growing Russian market

The Fruit segment of the sugar, starch and fruit company AGRANA will be investing around €27.6m over the next five years in the expansion of its fruit preparation plant in Serpuchov, around 100km south of Moscow.

Prudential plc increases stake in AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG to 15.03%

AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG announces according to § 93 Section 2 Börsegesetz that it has been informed by Prudential plc, London, on 11 February 2011 of an increase of its stake and voting rights in AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG.

AGRANA results in first nine months of 2010|11 – Robust upward trend continues

With a strong third quarter, AGRANA, the sugar, starch and fruit group, continued its positive performance of the current financial year. Revenue in the first three quarters (ended 30 November 2010) grew by 5.8% from one year earlier, to € 1,624.4 million.

AGRANA: Good first half of 2010|11

Das Geschäft des Zucker-, Stärke und Fruchtunternehmens AGRANA hat sich im 1.Halbjahr 2010|11 weiter positiv entwickelt.


AGRANA: Good start to 2010|11 financial year

The business of the sugar, starch and fruit group AGRANA continued to prosper in the first quarter of 2010|11. Amid the macroeconomic recovery, demand grew in all three business segments.

AGRANA – Operating profit more than doubled in 2009|10

The 2009|10 financial year (ended 28 February 2010) of AGRANA, the sugar, starch and fruit group, was marked by a combination of volume growth and lower sales prices.

AGRANA substantially improves profitability in first nine months

AGRANA, the sugar, starch and fruit group, in the third quarter of the 2009|10 financial year continued the good trend of the first six months